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Argene® Biomarket Solution Range

Argene® Biomarket Solution Range

Complete molecular biology solution for transplant testing needs. The ARGENE® SOLUTION covers all transplant testing needs and creates seamless lab workflow. Discover the Power of One for transplant testing needs.


High quality diagnostic testing is important for transplant patients at every step of the process. It is used to help assess donor-recipient compatibility, prevent and/or control infection, and adapt immunosuppressive therapy as necessary. Transplant patient care is complicated – patients are at risk for a wide range of viral infections, and various different sample types may be used. The ARGENE® SOLUTION was designed to provide the Power of One to cut down on complication and meet transplant testing needs. Reliable, same-day results support clinicians make better treatment decisions for more successful recoveries for transplant patients.

Maximize your efficiency

The ARGENE® SOLUTION brings together a single standardized workflow, reliable extraction reagents and real-time PCR assays. This allows you to better organize your daily routine to deliver accurate same day results – contributing to positive outcomes for transplant patients.  

The Power of One:

  • One single standardized extraction workflow for all samples
  • One unique set of extraction reagents for all sample types
  • One common internal control allowing multi-target detection on one single eluate
  • One harmonized pipetting and PCR protocol

Leverage true flexibility

The ARGENE® SOLUTION offers you a unique modular system approach that allows you to better manage your daily transplant testing routine through flexible batching.

  • Mixing various sample types in one extraction run using one single standardized workflow for all samples
  • Flexible input/elution volume per sample within the same extraction run
  • Primary and lysed samples managed within the same extraction run
  • Multiple target detection from one extracted sample
  • Multiple validated samples per PCR target (whole blood, plasma, BAL, stool, urine… depending of the parameter)
  • ARGENE® ready-to-use assays validated on most common Real-Time PCR systems available on the market
  • Comprehensive menu for viral infections monitoring for transplanted  patients
  • Consolidated solution with broader menu for respiratory and central nervous system infections

Results you can trust

The ARGENE® SOLUTION combines proven quality technologies and products.

  • Rely on easyMAG® know-how
    • Recognized extraction quality
    • BOOM technology and easyMAG® reagents
  • Best-in-class ARGENE® CE-IVD Real-Time PCR transplant menu for qualitative and quantitative applications
  • Paperless data transfer process thanks to ARGENE® CONNECT software: full connectivity between LIS, EMAG®NUCLISENS® easyMAG®ESTREAM® and most common Real-Time PCR platforms
  • Remote support and troubleshooting through a secure connection thanks to VILINK® software

Please consult your local bioMérieux representative for product availability in your country